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Learning is an Exciting Experience

In Lumiar School, students are encouraged to participate in building their knowledge and disciplines are applied in a mosaic form of interdisciplinary knowledge deepens.

Challenge is creating.
Creating is experiencing.
Experience is learning.


Bet on a custom template, allowing the skills are developed through challenges and topics rather than subjects.

Educators and Masters

Teachers are organized according to the relations that should have with learners.


Integrated Assessment

Comprehensive assessment of learning from the best aspects of formative and summative models. Provides continuous feedback to students and their tutors.


The parts of the curriculum mosaic can be assembled according to the results of competencies, skills and content that you want to achieve.

Mosaics interactive and interdisciplinary are the foundation for the construction of knowledge.

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Meet Lumiar

Lumiar is available to parents and students from kindergarten to elementary school who want to know our facilities, to understand our methodology and reserve your seat. Schedule a visit!


Voted one of 12 schools by the world's most innovative Microsoft, UNESCO and Stanford University, the school Lumiar develops an innovative way of teaching our children.