Learners, tutors, masters and employees share a sizeable house, located in the rural neighborhood of Lageado in Santo Antônio do Pinhal, and make the most of all the facilities to conduct Projects, Learning Modules, Workshops and many other activities.

Indoors there is an interactive research room where students have access to books, the digital board and the Class Mates. The internal environment was designed to be used in a number of different ways. The movable walls enable the expansion and reduction of the environments according to the planned activities. Our boards are painted on the walls and they are customized and artistic, with themes such as the Bottom of the Sea, Farm Animals and the Forest.

Outdoors, learners enjoy both the covered and the open areas. Boards designed for painting and tables for the art activities are located in areas indoors. In the open spaces, learners enjoy the playground and the lawn. There is also a lake fully fenced for the learners’ safety, where they feed the fish every day under the tutors’ supervision.

Although all areas are used by all the cycles, each cycle has an assigned learning space to serve as a reference.