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As of 2003, the school has been reflecting upon and transforming its practice in order to build a school culture where children and adults are engaged and committed to autonomy-oriented learning. Therefore, year after year, the professionals involved in this process offer contributions to Lumiar methodology, valuing learners’ interest and participation.

For Lumiar, educating is an ongoing, permanent process of human development comprising not only the cognitive aspects of such development, but also its emotional and social elements materialized by means of a number of interactions of the individuals with their human and natural environments, both in and out of school.

For Lumiar, school is viewed as a privileged learning environment that is especially set up to provide students with rich, flexible and enticing learning opportunities aiming at fostering their freedom to learn. Lumiar School encourages student’s autonomy and, at the same time, encourages students to be accountable for their choices, decisions and actions.

Lumiar casts a careful view into the development of individuality in the public and collective spaces and, concurrently, provides cooperation, equal rights, tolerance and respect for diversity and individual differences.

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